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Some of the major events in the history of the school during the last 29 years are as given below:


1. The calendar year 2004 was of special significance and the most memorable years in the history of the school. In the year we had the honour to be the part of the nation’s pride “The National Republic Day Parade” at Rajpath on 26 Jan, 2004. A strong contingent of 150 students from our school participated in this memorable event. As a matter of fact the participation in this feat itself was a matter of great honour and pride but this was further glorified when we were awarded the first prize at the state level by the government of Delhi state for our outstanding performance.

2. We were again selected and were called to participate in the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath on 26 Jan, 2005. Our performance was adjudged for the award of runner’s up trophy at national level. The trophy was presented to us by the Honorable Minister of Defence,Mr.Pranab Mukherjee.

3. We have also participated at Common Wealth Games 2010, Delhi. We welcomed the various international teams with our dance performance.

4.An extraordinary honour was conferred on the school in the year 1997 when the government of Delhi state had organized a display of tableaus as a part of celebration of the centenary year of the great hero “NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose”. There was a display of 150 tableaus on this occasion. The tableau displayed by our school was selected among the first three best tableaus and we were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 11,000 by the Delhi state.



1. After having made a beginning in April 1982 with nursery classes the school kept on rising by adding a new class every year till the year 1993. The year 1993 was a major milestone in the history of the school when it sought recognition by the Delhi administration up to the middle classes.


2. The second important year for the school was 1995 when the school saw its up gradation to secondary level. This could be achieved because of enormous efforts of the Members of Managing Committee, Principal, Staff and Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi.

3. Starting from a building of 2 classrooms in the year 1982, we have today 36 spacious classrooms which are equipped with modern furniture and required fixtures. The school also has a spacious library, music room, art and craft room, indoor games room, assembly hall, staff room, practical labs etc.


During academic session 2017-2018 we had the following major activities and functions to mention:

1. Our students have dominantly participated in the co-curricular and sports competitions at the zonal level and have a large tally of medals and prizes won by them during both these session.

2. We conducted week long subject oriented functions in English,Hindi and Science. The purpose of these functions was to familiarize the students more intimately with the concerned subject and to develop their interest in these subjects. The participants were highly enthusiastic and took active part during the celebration of these functions.

3. Other than these events Inter House Competitions in co-curricular activities were organized in order to develop thecompetitive spirit amongst the students and prizes were also given to the winner to make the event more competitive and interesting.

4. Excursion tour was taken to Jaipur. This is to give a physical exposure to different cultures prevalent in our vast country.

During the session which is under scrutiny, we had three big functions in relation to our commitment to the service to humanity, help to poor and needy. During these functions, following activities were undertaken by us:

  • Giving away of old woollen clothes for the poor children.
  • Taking out a rally to nearby area to create awareness to save rivers in India.
  • Organized ‘Self-Defense’ Camp for the girls in the school to be able to make them self-reliant against any untoward activity.

Our school has successfully completed 25 years of its all-round service to the society and has grown in stature to great heights, but much more heights, but much more is left to be done. We promise you that we shall continue pursuing our mission with even more vigor and strength to take the school to even greater heights of success.

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